Amplified vigor

Andrik has been writing, composing, and producing music since 2009. While first experimenting with Garageband, he eventually honed down his mixing and mastering skills using Logic Pro. Under the name Amplified Church Pow, Andrik wrote and produced hundreds of tracks. With popularity on iTunes, ReverbNation, and SoundCloud, he began pushing music out locally by pressing his own CDs and distributing them among friends and during local shows. Eventually his mixing and mastering skills would improve leading to his debut digital release “SunShyn” being released on digital store fronts in 2014, with several releases following.

Amplified Church Pow

Arkane resurrection

In 2021, Andrik would reinvent himself under Andrik Arkane, to focus on a more mature sound covering darker subjects such as suicide and deception. Andrik Arkane has made a name for himself producing numerous remixes for the synthpop artist Eric C. Powell receiving airplay on dozens of radio stations around the world. He released his first LP titled “The Witching Hour” in 2021, encompassing a dark electropop feel with elements of rap and screamo.

Andrik Arkane

Knee-deep in midi

In the Doom modding and game development scene, Andrik using the moniker Arsinikk, utilsed his music talent into writing background tracks for game levels. With Doom music only being limited to General Midi, he steadily improved his craft in writing non-vocal music tracks. Andrik has since written more than 100 midis, which he allows anyone to use from his Midi Directory, given that credit is provided.

Arsinikk's Midi Directory