Arsinikk's the name

Andrik entered the DOOM community by storm in terms of presentation and technical prowess. Using the moniker Arsinikk, he released his first map “Purple Rain” which featured complex scripting not usually seen in “Vanilla” DOOM maps, especially for a newcomer. Arsinikk’s technical approach to level design focused on dynamically shifting layouts that would react to the player’s actions. After more than a decade of playing hundreds of community Doom maps, Arsinikk had developed a knack for good level design, and the level designer’s role to guide the player. He continued to get involved in the community, and continued to get recognised from involved projects being mentioned in both the 2022 and 2023 “Cacowards”, as an honorable mention and runner-up respectively.

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Avatar illustrated by Christophine Place

Fostering a community

In 2022, Arsinikk founded The SLOTTER Team, an ever changing team of modders all being lead by Arsinikk. The team is responsible for a multitude of projects, including the gargantuan “Hell Revealations”, whose development spanned a course of 8 full months. All this was managed under The SLOTTER Sanctum Discord server, owned by Arsinikk, which as of now spans more than a hundred members.

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Deep into the code

Andrik has dabbled with code and game development from as early as 2008. He used Game Maker to develop a few unreleased games before dropping game development. It wouldn’t be until 2021, that Arsinikk would apply those coding skills for the 1994 game DOOM. He has since used his coding skills working with DOOM-specific code languages (DECORATE, DeHackEd, ACS scripting) in game levels, developing companion “Infopack” applications via Game Maker Studio, to just recently working with actual C/C++ code forking the “DSDA Doom” source port as Arsinikk’s own managed Nyan Doom┬áport.

Nyan Doom

Arsinikk's own source port based on DSDA Doom. It's basically DSDA Doom, with more features!