150 Line Massacre: The Golden Skulls

"150 Line Massacre: The Golden Skulls" is a megawad by NinjaDelphox, featuring maps by Arsinikk, Cacodemon187, and Large Cat. It is a non-canon sequel to "100 Line Massacre".Originally intended as remaster of "Ninja’s 5 Maps with 100 Lines", it turned into a full blown sequel featuring “remasters” of these original 5 maps that led to the eventual creation of "100 Line Massacre", along with reimagining's of these maps and 27 entirely new maps!The megawad also features a new gameplay mechanic: The Golden Skulls! Each map contains a hidden Golden Skull, and is required for a 100% playthrough, displaying a “Skulls” count at the end of each map instead of an item count.

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Year2024AuthorNinjaDelphox, Arsinikk, Cacodemon187, Large CatCompatVanillaMaps36

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