"Corruption" is a 35 level MBF21 mapset created by NinjaDelphox, Evilneck, and Arsinikk, comprised of detailed and action heavy maps inspired by "Back to Saturn X 2" and "Hell Revealed II", along with other games such as Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Resident Evil, and Mega Man.Corruption includes extensive sprite, sound effect, and dehacked changes to provide a more unique gameplay experience compared to a standard Doom II mapset. A lot of attention to detail has also been paid to various source port extras such as GLDEFS, custom obituaries for monsters, edited menu graphics, additional enemies in the ending cast call, and much more.Every Map has been designed to be able to be pistol started, but I highly recommend not doing that on a first playthrough. Normal mode is the intended way to experience the game, but medium and easy difficulties have been implemented, as well as a new harder difficulty called “Xtreme” (Ultra-Violence Plus).

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Year2022AuthorNinjaDelphox, Evilneck, ArsinikkCompatMBF21Maps36

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