McDoomguy’s Slaughterific Sample Platter

McDoomguy's Slaughterific Sample Platter is a Community project led by MFG38. The goal was to make maps adhering to at least 3 obscure mapping rules. These ranged from level restrictions such as 100 lines or less, 10 sectors or less, only 1 monster type, etc... combined with other gameplay restrictions like monsterless puzzle map, hitscan enemies only, or pacifist-only map.Arsinikk teamed up with mapper Large Cat to create "MAP30: Fuck Me Faster (It's No Fun to Slow Down)", which adhered to the 3 restrictions: 10 sectors or less, 3 textures and 3 flats, pacifist map. The custom music track was also composed by Arsinikk.

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Year2024AuthorMFG38 (and others)CompatMBF21Maps42

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