Plutonic Visions

Plutonic Visions is a 22 map wad for The Plutonia Experiment. It was lead by finnks13, who wanted to make maps that felt like memories of a first playthrough of Plutonia - the goal was to get the general feel correct over the specific details of the Casali's mapping style, so hard, low-monster count maps were expected.Features mostly very short, action packed maps inspired by Plutonia's first two episodes, with some longer ones inspired by the final third sprinkled in for good measure.Arsinikk had some guest map contributions, as well as the mappers taviow and Yumheart. Each gave their own interpretations of the goal.It's strongly recommend to play on HMP, if you generally play stuff on the UV difficulty!

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Year2024Authorfinnks13, Arsinikk, Yumheart, taviowCompatVanilla (Plutonia)Maps22

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