SLOTTER VULT is a large (30-45 minute) single Vanilla Doom map (complevel 2) created with the resource of "Hell Revealations". Since the map doesn’t really fall within the Hell Revealed style in gameplay or aesthetics, I figured I’d release it standalone.This map is heavily inspired by Huy Pham’s Deus Vult. Sort of think of it as a Vanilla compat tribute.While this map targets Vanilla Doom (no VPOs, etc), I highly suggest playing in a port that increases the sprite limit, as this map was designed ignoring the limit. Technically this map can run and play demos in Vanilla Doom, but I wouldn't say it’s exactly playable in Vanilla (due to the aforementioned sprite limit).This map is supposed to be difficult. If it’s too hard on Ultra-Violence, don’t feel bad dropping down a difficulty or two.

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