100 Line Massacre

"100 Line Massacre" is a small Megawad project by NinjaDelphox and Arsinikk with the goal of making Vanilla-Compatible (+DehackEd) maps with the limit of 100 lines. All maps were designed with pistol start in mind, though continuous play is perfectly fine. Each map should take only around 2-5 minutes to finish.In addition to the 100 line limit, the other goal was to add variety to the megawad by alternating authorship with each map, combining Ninja's heavy emphasis on challenge and combat mixing with Arsinikk's more experimental maps of Vanilla tricks and exploits.All difficulties have been implemented on every map including "Vile Cruelty" (UV Plus) that includes multiplayer monsters and items for those who want an extra challenge.

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Year2022AuthorArsinikk, NinjaDelphoxCompatVanillaMaps35

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